Gluten Free “Goldfish” Crackers

Link: Gluten Free “Goldfish” Crackers

Look at what my Uncle Paul found for me.  I’ve searched the web and only found the Annie’s Cheese Bunnies that I would have to order and pay shipping on which would make them outrages in price but my Uncle Googles one time and comes up with this awesome and fairly easy recipe.  They even have a link to where you can order the tiny little cookie cuter needed to make them look like itty bitty fish.  My Zoe Jane is going to flip once I get around to making these.  What is awesome is that they have lot’s of different alternatives on the recipe for those who have other allergies than just gluten.  These are going to be so much fun to make.  I am so excited.  Of course once I make them I will let you all know how it goes.  I read some reviews on them and most people are saying they are better tasting than the real product with gluten in it.  Keeping my fingers crossed that is true.

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